GC Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2017 – Day #1 Frymburk – Linz – Medical Cannabis
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Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2017 – Day #1 Frymburk – Linz

Day 1: Frymburk, Czech Republic – Linz, Austria
Distance: 139 km

MCBT in Czech and Austria, in October? Hmmmm, people said, the weather could be a factor… And they were right!

Yesterday we arrived at our base camp in Frymburk, in Bohemia, Czech Republic. The sky was blue and the waters of the lake were calm. But in the night, the rain came…. and it didn’t stop.

We have never seen such a wet and cold start to the bike tour. Rain falls hard all morning as we circle the huge Lipno Reservoir, Autumn’s yellow leaves falling on wet roads. At midday,the tour crosses the River Rotbach and into Austria.

As with every first day the ride is a strange mixture of adrenaline and fatigue. But today is something else. In the mountains the wet riders get cold quickly. They must keep moving. Some veterans of 5 bike tours say this is the toughest MCBT day they have ever ridden!
But the bike tour pushes on, eventually breaking through the mountains. At Aschacan an der Donau, we get the first sight of the mighty River Donau and at last the rain stops.
The riders’ best friend now, the river leads the tour all way to our first stop in Linz.

Day 1, you were not the kindest to us, but it was a day we will not soon forget! Watch the video of Day 1 here and roll on Day2!


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