GC Dr Sanjay Gupta Publicly Apologizes For Being SO WRONG about medical cannabis – Medical Cannabis
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Dr Sanjay Gupta Publicly Apologizes For Being SO WRONG about medical cannabis

Pastors are going to be apologizing soon too! YES, I am a biblical believer and I said that! I have a friend who was a pastor for 15 yrs that’s using the oil to heal a family member as we speak. By DESIGN YHVH put the endocannabinoid system in us, it is the most important and powerful system in our bodies, it maintains homeostasis down to a cellular level through our whole bodies and was not discovered until 1980’s. The devil cannot put that in us, YHVH did. YHVH, by DESIGN gave us more cannabinoid receptors in us then any other and the majority are in our (((lungs)))), the devil cannot put those in us. Question, how are things absorbed through the lungs ( dont let your head pop,lol)? By DESIGN YHVH made CANNABINOIDS, they aggressively seek out mutated and cancer cells and cause apoptosis in them, they eat themselves, while leaving healthy cells alone and protecting our organs. The devil is not able to make those. Cannabinoids are only found in 2 places 1. Mothers breast milk=the cannabinoids strengthen babies immune system and ECS, along with making them hungry=they get the munchies. 2. THE CANNABIS PLANT. Our bodies and this plant by DESIGN were made to work together, proof of this is the endocannabinoid system, hello!!!Using this plant to heal yourself IS NOT sorcery, there has never been a single death from cannabis, its less addictive then caffeine, they don’t have a single case of lung disease found in anyone that smokes just cannabis (different type of smoke then ciggs), its NOT the stepping stone or gateway drug alcohol is, its the gateway to HEALTH!!! ~Brad Mossman, Plant of Renown

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