How To Start A (Legal) Cannabis Career
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How To Start A (Legal) Cannabis Career

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How can you turn weed into a legal full time job? The multi-billion dollar Cannabis industry will be emerging out o the black market over the next few years and opportunities abound: commercial growing, Marijuana store fronts, Coffee Houses, Bakeries, Pubs, Paraphernalia stores etc etc…not to mention all the regulatory work if you consider that to be directly related. where I live, in Canada, The Trudeau Liberal Government has committed to a legalization scheme by Spring 2017…most likely April, 2017….. If you want to make a career in Cannabis, however, you are probably not alone. Many people have realized this. Most recently in Canada which plans to Legalize in Spring, 2017. Those who succeed in the legal industry will do so because they will start early. VERY early. So today on Lex’s world I talk about some of the early job opportunities and what other ones they may lead to in the future.

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