DUI Marijuana
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DUI Marijuana

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Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Colorado Legislature has been under a lot of pressure to do something about the perceived threat of driving under the influence of drugs, specifically marijuana. One thing the legislature has done is enacted a 5 Nano gram limit on marijuana while driving. Now that’s similar to the .05 or .08 limits when you’re talking about alcohol in your system, but there are significant differences. That 5 Nano gram limit is a permissible inference. Which means just because you are at 5 Nano grams doesn’t mean you’re guilty of driving under the influence of drugs.

There’s been very little science behind marijuana impairment and that’s mostly because it’s been illegal for everyone’s lifetimes. Now there’s been a lot of studies that are coming out now that are showing that habitual users, people who maybe have a medical marijuana card, who use daily, their baseline level when they’re completely sober may be well above that 5 Nano gram limit. The point is if you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs, there may be experts who can testify that you in fact would not have been impaired or possibly were impaired at a level that’s above the state’s per se level.

If you have a driving under the influence of marijuana case, make sure you talk to us or another criminal defense attorney, because you may have a very defensible case


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