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The Cannabist Show: Pot and Pesticides

These interviews were conducted on “The Cannabist Show,” The Denver Post’s weekly talk show and podcast on all things modern marijuana. In the talk show’s first 50 episodes, host and marijuana editor Ricardo Baca has welcomed to the couch more than 100 industry executives, journalists, influencers, politicians and activists from both sides of the legalization issue. Here are excerpts from a number of episodes:

(00:06) Hemp and marijuana industry lobbyist Samantha Walsh talks on the legal cannabis industry’s absence of best practices, which ultimately led to the pesticide issues.

(00:58) L’Eagle pot shop owner John Andrle talks on how he only hires cannabis cultivators who have relevant degrees and experience on organic farms in traditional agriculture.

(01:28) EdiPure’s Malcolm Morrison talks about the troubles of a cannabis-infused edibles company that has gone through multiple recalls related to the illegal use of banned pesticides.

(02:38) Green Man Cannabis master grower Corey Buffkin explains the state-versus-federal battle surrounding pesticide use on marijuana and the varying missions of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

(03:08) Good Chemistry pot shop owner Matthew Huron talks about how serious the pesticides-and-pot issue really is.

(04:15) Marijuana industry lawyer Sean McAllister talks about his clients, those growing cannabis, and how they first got caught up in the whole pesticides situation.

(05:33) The Organic Cannabis Association’s Ben Gelt talks on making a more responsible pot industry regarding pesticides.

(06:31) Corey Buffkin talks about the importance of abiding by pesticide regulations set forth by state agencies including the Marijuana Enforcement Division and Colorado Department of Agriculture.

(07:10) MMJ America owner Jake Salazar talks on his frustrating experience of going through a pesticide-related hold.

(08:10) The Organic Cannabis Association’s John-Paul Maxfield blames the pesticide corner-cutting on the commercialization of recreational cannabis – and how transparency is real within the regulated cannabis industry.

(08:54) The Farm’s master grower Devin Liles talks integrative pest management – using good pests (ladybugs) to control bad pests (mites) in your pot grow.

(09:27) John-Paul Maxfield talks on the relative safety of varying pesticides, both organic and chemical.

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