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Monday, June 12, 2017 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

All the legal marijuana news and headlines for Monday, June 12, 2017.

Headlines of the day
// Maryland court again refuses to delay medical cannabis licensing (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Legal marijuana could be a $5-billion boon to the state economy – but some users may stay illegal (LA Times)

// Welcome to Ganjachusetts (Boston Magazine)

// Gov. Hickenlooper signs controversial civil asset forfeiture bill, calls it “important first step” in addressing problems with practice (The Denver Post)

// Colorado Company’s Pot Cases Seized By Federal Authorities (CBS Denver)

// Attorney Plans Lawsuit to Allow for Smoking of Medical Pot (U.S. News & World Report (AP) )

// Colorado marijuana sales in April 2017 top $125 million (The Cannabist)

// This Firefighter Took A Doctor’s Advice To Use Medical Marijuana – Now He Could Be Fired (BuzzFeed News)

// Connecticut Commissioner Agrees to Add 3 Qualifying Conditions (U.S. News)

// NBA Finals: Hotel where Warriors practice taken over by National Cannabis Expo (CBS Sports)

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