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Garden Grove Marijuana Dispensery Robbery Security Guard’s Gun Taken

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1. Did the security guard handle this situation appropriately?

2. Could this situation have been handled better?

Brief Incident Details
Garden Grove, California (Orange County).
Incident date: March 20, 2016.

Two suspects performed a takeover robbery at a marijuana dispensary in Garden Grove. The suspects ordered the security guard to give up his firearm, he complied. One suspect ordered the security guard and two employees to lay on the ground at gunpoint, as the other suspect stole marijuana and money. The suspects then fled from the store with the items and the security guard’s gun.

The Garden Grove Police Department arrested one of the robbery suspects and found him in possession of the security guards stolen gun and an additional firearm. At the time of this posting, search for the other robbery suspect is ongoing.

(This video is posted strictly for educational and informational purposes)

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